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July 2019

Director’s Corner

Greetings from Atlanta and the July Member Meeting 

I would like to offer a “warm” welcome to our U.S. Payments Forum members here in Atlanta.  As we prepare for our mid-year members meeting, there are plenty of “hot topics” to be discussed that will be sure to keep everyone engaged throughout the summer. 

On the subject of meetings, I’d like to remind you to mark your calendar for the third, and final, in-person meeting for 2019, which will be held on November 20th-21st in St. Louis.  I also want to announce the dates and locations for the first two Forum meetings in 2020, so you can start planning your travel for next year.  The usual March meeting has been moved up to February 25th-27th and will be held in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah when the skiing conditions in the surrounding Wasatch Mountains are at their prime. The meeting will again be held jointly with the 2020 Payments Summit, so count on plenty of sessions and networking to go along with a terrific U.S. Payments Forum agenda.  Lastly, the summer meeting is scheduled for July 14-15, 2020 in Charlotte, NC. 

Our Forum staff and Steering Committee have put together a great agenda for this meeting in Atlanta.  There will be panel sessions on EMV 3DS data elements and EMV payment tokenization implementation, stakeholder updates, and a keynote presentation on PCI data security standards.  In addition, there will educational breakout sessions, special interest group discussions, birds-of-a-feather sessions, and our regular working committee face-to-face meetings.  You will also learn about recent projects that have been completed and new projects just underway. As always, we invite you to get involved with a working committee; feel free to sit in and participate, or simply listen. 

Two add-on events have been planned for this meeting that we are excited to present.  The Secure Technology Alliance is hosting a complimentary half-day pre-meeting workshop on Tuesday, July 16th, on Mobile Driver’s Licenses for Retail Use.  This workshop will look at the trend of state’s issuing mobile driver’s licenses as a digital form of identification that can have many uses in retail for age verification, proof of residency, identification, and e-commerce applications.  The second is the EMVCo Secure Remote Commerce Workshop, presented by EMVCo on Thursday afternoon, July 18, immediately following the conclusion of the Forum meeting.  Separate registration for both workshops is required due to limited seating.  If you would like to attend but haven’t registered, please visit the registration desk. 

The Forum continues to tackle the challenges facing issuers, processors, and merchants trying to keep abreast of the rapidly changing payments landscape.  Implementation issues surrounding these new transaction technologies and approaches to fraud mitigation are best resolved when everyone in the payments ecosystem has a voice and works together.  The Forum is, and will be in the future, THE place where these opportunities and challenges will be addressed.  We hope you will continue supporting the Forum and lending your voice to the payments marketplace.

New Payments Resources from the Forum

The Mobile and Contactless Payments Working Committee completed a new white paper, EMV Payment Tokenization Primer and Lessons Learned.  The white paper focuses on the current state of EMV payment tokenization, providing the reader with an understanding of payment tokenization, the payment scenarios in which tokenization can be used, and the services that are commonly used in payment tokenization. 


The Communications and Education Working Committee published the new white paper, Consumer Experience at the Contactless Point of Sale.  The white paper outlines best practices to reduce consumer confusion and provide an improved consumer experience at the contactless point of sale. 


The Communications and Education Working Committee and Transit Contactless Open Payments Working Committee completed a highly-successful Contactless Open Payments for Transit webinar, providing an overview of what’s necessary to understand, evaluate and accept contactless open payment cards for transit payments.  Speakers included: Steve Cole, Worldpay; Itai Sela, B2 Payment Solutions; Randy Vanderhoof, U.S. Payments Forum.  Webinar recordings and presentations can be accessed from the Forum web site.


The Forum Steering Committee completed a resource, Debunking EMV Myths, to provide accurate information for all stakeholders communicating about contact and contactless chip technology.  The guide was developed to correct misperceptions about EMV chip technology and to separate fact from fiction so that payments providers and reporters put forward the most accurate information to the public.

Update from the Forum Steering Committee 

The Forum completed its annual member survey to get input on industry priorities relating to payments fraud and payment technology innovation.  There was good alignment among stakeholders, including: 

  • Issuers and merchants were aligned in their input on priority payments fraud topics:  account takeover fraud; card-not-present (CNP) fraud; and mobile and contactless payments fraud
  • All stakeholders cite contactless payments and authentication technologies as top priorities for payment technology innovation

This input aligns with the activities that the Forum has in process in our CNP Fraud, Mobile and Contactless Payments and Transit Contactless Open Payments Working Committees.  


Congratulations to Jesse Pamperin of McDonald’s, whose name was selected at random from all survey respondents and received a $100 gift card! We thank everyone who completed the survey and invite members to join our active working committee projects to tackle these topics.

Forum Working Committee Projects

ATM Working Committee

The ATM Working Committee is looking forward to meeting in-person at the July Forum Member Meeting where they will be discussing topics for new projects. The Working Committee added a new co-chair, Ron Schnittman, Bank of America.


CNP Fraud Working Committee

The CNP Fraud Working Committee is currently reviewing the recent Forum member survey that highlighted what was of interest within the card-not-present fraud space.  Additionally, progress is being made on a white paper that will outline fraud prevention pathways. 


Communications and Education Working Committee

The Communications and Education Working Committee has been quite active and is working on following new projects:

  • Webinar for Dual-Interface Card Personalization
  • Webinar on the Contactless Point of Sale Experience

The Committee also recently published the Consumer Experience at the Contactless Point-of-Sale white paper and hosted the successful Contactless Open Payments for Transit webinar.


Mobile and Contactless Payments Working Committee

The Mobile and Contactless Payments Working Committee recently published EMV Payment Tokenization Primer and Lessons Learned white paper.  Additionally, the committee is working on a number of projects including:

  • An educational resource on use case cases for emerging data elements for mobile payments
  • A project that is compiling a glossary of mobile standards
  • An educational resource on authentication methods for mobile in-app and remote payment transactions 

Petro Working Committee

The Petro Working Committee is reviewing requirements for different cardholder verification methods (CVMs) at unattended terminals. 


Testing and Certification Committee

The Testing and Certification Working Committee is close to publishing a white paper that identifies challenges with contactless EMV Level 3 certification and opportunities for streamlining the process.  Additionally, the committee has begun working on a project for TMS / EPS EMV certifications.


Transit Contactless Open Payments Working Committee 

The Transit Contactless Open Payments Working Committee is working on a customer terminology / best practices guide for contactless open payments in the transit industry. 


For more information on Working Committee projects that are in process, please contact Devon Rohrer, drohrer@uspaymentsforum.org.

Forum Member Meeting Sponsorships and Guest Passes

The U.S. Payments Forum is now welcoming member sponsorships for Forum Member Meetings. Sponsor organizations must be Forum members in good standing. Sponsorships are available on a first come, first served basis for any announced meeting (excluding the February 2020 Payments Summit) based on completion of the sponsor agreement. Sponsorship opportunities include: title sponsorships; leading sponsorships (for example, registration badge, Wi-Fi service, bottled water, receptions, meals); and supporting sponsorships (for example, charging station, inserts).


The sponsorship program prospectus describes all sponsorship levels and rules/policies for sponsorship.


The Forum also has a guest pass policy for Forum Member Meetings to expand the breadth and depth of participation and to attract organizations and individuals with the knowledge and experience in payments who can contribute to the purpose and value of the Forum.


Non-member organizations may request a complimentary guest pass for one Forum Member Meeting.  Complimentary guest passes are for those organizations with a serious interest in joining the U.S. Payments Forum and who would first like to sample one of its in-person member meetings. 


Information about the meeting guest pass policy is available on the Forum web site.

Welcome New Members

  • Clark Brands
  • FreedomPay
  • Modirum MDpay
  • Rene Pelegero

Forum 2019/2020 Meetings

Mark these dates on your calendar and plan to join us for the last all-member meeting in 2019, and the first one in 2020, which will be held in conjunction with the Secure Technology Payments Summit:

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This exclusive level of membership offers the most advantages for organizations that desire full benefits in the U.S. Payments Forum and Secure Technology Alliance, all for one single membership fee. Please contact Randy Vanderhoof if you would like to upgrade to this premier level.

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