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Greetings from Phoenix and the March Member Meeting 

A warm welcome to our U.S. Payments Forum members who are here in Phoenix, AZ, this week for the March Members Meeting, and to others who are receiving this newsletter at work.  This week’s meeting will likely break records for the largest member attendance, surpassing last year’s large turnout in Orlando, FL.

For the second year, our member meeting is being held in conjunction with the Secure Technology Alliance Payments Summit, a three-day conference and expo that broadly addresses present industry trends and the future of payments technology, solutions, and transportation payments.  For U.S. Payments Forum members, we staggered the schedule so that the Forum meeting begins March 11th, one day ahead of the three-day Payments Summit conference agenda that begins on the 12th.  This was done to allow you to attend the regular Forum plenary industry stakeholder panel sessions, working committee reports, and key breakout sessions without conflicting with the opening-day keynote speakers and roundtables that highlight the Payments Summit. 

The event schedule provides you with the opportunity to keep up with the regular U.S. Payments Forum industry discussions and updates, and attend the conference to learn about topics not regularly addressed in our Forum meetings. You can mingle with other payments industry leaders who are not current Forum members, and experience the full educational conference experience that the Payments Summit has provided since 2007. 

Your complimentary registration to this expanded, three-day Payments Summit conference is an added member benefit that other attendees pay up to $1,525 to attend.  Having the U.S. Payments Forum meeting agenda extended to three days provides attendees with added time to attend working committee breakout sessions, special interest group sessions, and birds-of-a-feather discussion groups. You can also choose to attend the Payments Summit track sessions to expand your knowledge and spark new interests in a wide variety of topics.  And as another bonus, members can use their break time between sessions to visit the vendor pavilion, talk to some of the leading technology companies, and network with hundreds of other industry professionals who are not members of the Forum.

We hope that you make the most of the opportunities in 2019 to enjoy the full benefits of your U.S. Payments Forum membership by attending the meetings, building your personal networks, joining in working committee projects, and absorbing the free member resources and educational services available.  Also, we would love for you to spread the word to others who are not currently members about the exciting work that the Forum is engaged in.  The Forum is the U.S. resource for payments industry stakeholders to work on today’s implementation challenges and prepare the market for the future.

New Payments Resources from the Forum

The Communications and Education Working Committee launched the new web site, www.getcontactless.com, to assist merchants interested in enabling consumers to make contactless payments.


The Communications and Education Working Committee and Mobile and Contactless Payments Working Committee completed a highly-successful Mobile and Digital Wallet webinar series with over 360 attendees in four information-rich sessions. Speakers included: Deborah Baxley, PayGility Advisors; Marianne Crowe, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; Laura Townsend, Merchant Advisory Group; and Art Harper, PSCU. Webinar recordings and presentations can be accessed from the Forum web site.


The Forum Steering Committee-sponsored project team completed guidance on the use of PIN bypass for contactless transactions and published updates to two white paper, PIN Bypass in the U.S. Market and Understanding Fraud Liability for EMV Contact and Contactless Transactions in the U.S.


The Steering Committee hosted the public webinar, EMV 3-D Secure Data Elements, which provided an overview of EMV 3DS and presented detail about the new EMV 3DS data elements to provide an educational overview for merchants, issuers and other payments industry stakeholders. Speakers included: Kristy Cook, Target; Michael Horne, American Express; and Ian Poole, CardinalCommerce. The webinar recording and presentation are posted on the Forum web site.


The ATM Working Committee published a new white paper, Guidelines for Contactless ATM Transactions – A Guide for ATM Owners and Operators. The white paper provides guidance to ATM providers, acquirers, processors, and vendors who are preparing to implement contactless EMV transactions at their ATMs in the United States.


The CNP Fraud Working Committee published the white paper, Understanding the True Cost of Fraud. The white paper highlights the impact that fraud has on the various stakeholders, providing insights from different perspectives. The white paper presents three example case studies from different stakeholder perspectives to illustrate the cost of fraud.

Update from the Forum Steering Committee 

The Forum Steering Committee is currently sponsoring a new project, EMV 3-D Secure Data Elements – Best Practices to Improve Authorization Rates.  The initial project objectives are to: educate issuers and merchants on the new data elements available in EMV 3DS (aka 3DS 2.0); and host sessions (virtually or physically) to discuss data elements for merchants and issuers to use to improve authorization rates, eliminate friction and reduce fraud.  Project team participation is open to all members. 


The Forum held its annual election for the 2019 Steering Committee and officers.  Newly elected officers are:  chair – Kristy Cook, Target; vice chair – Scott Haney, Woodforest National Bank; treasurer – Steve Cole, Worldpay; secretary – Manish Nathwani, SHAZAM. 


The Forum Steering Committee compiled a list of questions on EMV® Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) v0.9 Specification and submitted them to EMVCo during the public comment period.  

Forum Working Committee Projects

ATM Working Committee 

The ATM Working Committee is looking forward to meeting in-person at the March Forum Member Meeting where they will be discussing topics for new projects. 


Additionally, the Working Committee recently published a white paper titled Guidelines for Contactless ATM Transactions – A Guide for ATM Owners and Operators.


CNP Fraud Working Committee  

The Working Committee is in the process of creating a survey that will poll the Forum members on fraud topics to understand stakeholder priorities. Additionally, progress is still being made on a white paper that will outline fraud prevention pathways. 


Communications and Education Working Committee

The Communications and Education Working Committee has been very active and recently concluded a four-part ‘Lunch and Learn’ mobile and digital wallet webinar series.  The webinar series was very well attended and had over 500 registered delegates.  The Committee recently launched GetContactless.com, a website that provides targeted education on contactless payments for issuers, retailers and consumers.  Additionally, the committee is working on two projects that will be beneficial to the industry:  

  • A transit payments 101 webinar to provide a high-level overview of and implementation guidance for contactless open payments in transit
  • A white paper outlining best practices for the contactless point-of-sale experience

Mobile and Contactless Payments Working Committee 

The Mobile and Contactless Payments Working Committee is working on a number of projects including:  

  • A white paper to discuss lessons learned regarding EMV payment tokenization implementation
  • An educational resource on use case cases for emerging data elements for mobile payments
  • A project that will compile a glossary of mobile standards
  • An educational resource on authentication methods for mobile payment transactions

Petro Working Committee 

The Petro Working Committee is reviewing requirements for different cardholder verification methods (CVMs) at unattended terminals.  


Testing and Certification Committee  

The Testing and Certification Working Committee is working on a project to identify challenges with contactless EMV Level 3 certification and opportunities for streamlining the process.    


Transit Contactless Open Payments Working Committee  

The Transit Contactless Open Payments Working Committee recently began working on a customer terminology / best practices guide for open payments in the transit industry.  


For more information on Working Committee projects that are in process, please contact Devon Rohrer, drohrer@uspaymentsforum.org

2019 Forum Meetings

The 2019 Forum Member Meetings are now scheduled, with registration opening soon.

  • Summer All-Member Meeting - July 17-18, 2019, Atlanta Airport Marriott, Atlanta, GA
  • Fall All-Member Meeting - November 20-21, 2019, Westin St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

New Members

  • Ellipse
  • Entersekt
  • Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)
  • Orange County Transportation Authority
  • SunTrust
  • The Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union
  • Tomas Levi Payments Consulting

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