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Payments Conference Kick Off
Greetings U.S. Payments Forum members.  As we prepare to meet in-person for the first time in 2018, I would like to share some thoughts with you about some important changes in Forum meetings. 
Approaching our sixth year since our founding in September 2012, we are experimenting with some changes in our meeting frequency and the format of this March meeting.  These changes are supported by our cross-industry leadership of the elected Steering Committee, our research on meeting participation, member feedback from our post-event surveys, and the recently completed full member survey.   

Our member meeting taking place this week in Orlando is being held in conjunction with the Secure Technology Alliance’s Payments Summit – a 3-day conference and expo that broadly addresses the present industry trends and the future of payments technology, solutions, and transportation payments.  For U.S. Payments Forum members, this is an opportunity to learn about topics not regularly addressed in our Forum meetings, meet other payments industry leaders who are not current Forum members, and experience the full educational conference experience that the Payments Summit has provided since 2007.  

Your complimentary registration to this expanded, three-day event is an added benefit that other attendees pay up to $1,525 to experience.  The agenda incorporates the same valuable content you’ve received from other Forum meetings, such as industry updates from representatives of the payments networks, issuers, merchants, acquirers, and industry providers, plus two full days of working committee breakout sessions.  

It is our hope that you will find this combination of Forum meeting and Payments Summit to be a welcome change from even our best meetings from the past. 

The other change in 2018 will be a reduction in frequency of member meetings, moving  to three in-person meetings.  The next meeting will take place on July 11-12 at the Hyatt San Francisco Airport Burlingame, and the last meeting of 2018 will be held on November 6-7 at the Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook, IL.  This change in frequency reflects the fact that only 14% of the 600+ individuals who attended a meeting in 2017 were present at all four in-person meetings; members have also responded to surveys noting that fewer in-person meetings would valued. This change will give you back some time in your office, and reduce travel costs for many of our most active member participants. We hope that you will make attending the next two meetings a priority, and expect to achieve even greater member attendance and participation in the Forum overall.  

As always, we encourage your feedback and welcome suggestions on how to make the U.S. Payments Forum meetings better and more effective in supporting the efforts to advance the adoption of secure payments for everyone. Thank you for your continued support of the U.S. Payments Forum. 

New Payments Resources from the Forum

The Mobile and Contactless Payments Working Committee published the new white paper, “Mobile and Digital Wallets: U.S. Landscape and Strategic Considerations for Merchants and Financial Institutions.”  Innovations in mobile and digital wallets over recent years have resulted in a proliferation of wallet models and solutions, all intended to improve consumer convenience, leverage data, lessen friction, or lower the cost of payments. The new white paper provides guidance for merchants and issuers looking to understand the key factors and considerations for developing a mobile or digital wallet strategy.

The Mobile and Contactless Payments Working Committee published a second new white paper, “Mobile and Contactless Payments Requirements and Interactions.”  The white paper describes how mobile and contactless payments requirements are collected from mobile/contactless payments ecosystem stakeholders.  The intent is to garner cross-industry understanding of mobile and contactless payments requirements and best practices and encourage standardization to meet common requirements.

The Petroleum Working Committee held its EMV fleet card tag workshop in collaboration with Conexxus at the March Forum member meeting in Orlando.  The workshop continued discussion and completed the documents being developed for submission to Connexxus. 

The Testing and Certification Working Committee published an update to the white paper, EMV Testing and Certification:  Current Global Payment Network Requirements for the U.S. Acquiring Community.  The white paper includes up-to-date global payment network requirements and adds a new appendix on contactless EMV certification and testing processes.

The Forum Steering Committee led a project team to develop and publish Merchant and Issuer Error Data Collection Forms.  The forms were developed to assist issuers, issuer processors, merchants, acquirers and acquiring processors with gathering information in a consistent way with sufficient details to help determine the source of the error.

Update from the Forum Steering Committee 

The U.S. Payments Forum Steering Committee is an elected, highly active, cross-industry group of members that manages all Forum activities – including Forum strategic direction, external communications, and all project deliverable – and leads cross-stakeholder projects on critical industry topics.

The Steering Committee sponsored the Forum All-Member Survey in February, asking for member input on priority topics for Forum initiatives, satisfaction with Forum activities, and areas where the Forum could provide more member value.  Member satisfaction continues to be high across all stakeholder categories, and the survey resulted in excellent input for Forum meeting improvements and future project topics.  The Steering Committee will be working with the working committee leadership on plans to respond to the survey input.

Forum Principal and Global Payment Network members elected a new Steering Committee member to fill the open Issuer Principal Member seat.  William Bondar, Senior Vice President, Head of Debit, Prepaid & Emerging Payments, PNC Bank, was elected to fill this opening.  Approximately half of the Steering Committee seats are elected each year, with the next election in November/December 2018.

Working Committee Projects Update

ATM Working Committee
At the end of December 2017, the ATM Working Committee published the EMV Troubleshooting Guide for ATM Owners and Operators white paper which provides recommendations to help ATM owners/operators prevent some common transactions problems and offer suggestions for troubleshooting when they do occur.

Mobile & Contactless Payments Working Committee
The Mobile and Contactless Payments Working Committee recently completed the Mobile and Digital Wallets: U.S. Landscape and Strategic Considerations for Merchants and Financial Institutions which was developed to provide information about and guidance for stakeholders regarding the rapidly changing mobile and digital wallet landscape.

The Committee also completed the Mobile and Contactless Requirements and Interactions white paper that describes the mobile and contactless payments requirements are collected from mobile/contactless payments ecosystem stakeholders.

Petro Working Committee
The Petro Working Committee completed another successful Fleet Tag workshop during the December 2017 Member Meeting in New Orleans and continues to make progress towards producing a white paper to outline the requirements for EMV in a fleet card environment.  

Testing & Certification Working Committee 
The Testing & Certification Working Committee updated the EMV Testing and Certification White Paper: Current Global Payment Network Requirements for the U.S. Acquiring Community which includes new information on EMV contactless testing and certification and processes and updates to contact requirements from the global payment networks. 

For more information on Working Committee projects that are in process, please contact Mike Strock, mstrock@uspaymentsforum.org.

Other New Payments Resources

The Secure Technology Alliance Payments Council published a white paper, Contactless Payments: Proposed Implementation Recommendations.  The white paper discusses the challenges of issuing, accepting and processing ISO/IEC 14443/NFC contactless transactions and outlines best practices to help the market work through pre-EMV and post-EMV challenges to promote contactless issuance and acceptance.  The white paper is being reviewed by the Forum’s Mobile and Contactless Payments Working Committee to identify if further technical guidance is needed.

New Members

  • Bluefin Payment Systems
  • Consult Hyperion
  • First Data*
  • The Wendy’s Company

 *Upgraded to Leadership PLUS membership. This exclusive level of membership offers the most advantages for organizations that desire full benefits in the U.S. Payments Forum and Secure Technology Alliance and the U.S.  Payments Forum, all for one single membership fee. Please contact Randy Vanderhoof if you would like to upgrade to this premier level.

2018 In-Person Member Meeting Schedule

The U.S Payments Forum will hold three in-person meetings in 2018. This frequency change will allow for more active and robust participation by attendees, as well as free up travel time and expense for members. Registration is open now for the next two meetings; take a moment today to sign up and mark it in your calendar. We look forward to seeing you!

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The U.S. Payments Forum Quarterly is a publication for members, friends and supporters of the U.S. Payments Forum. The U.S. Payments Forum continues to support the chip migration while also broadening its focus to other new and emerging payments technologies in the U.S. Those technologies protect the security of, and enhance opportunities for, payment transactions within the U.S., and include tokenization, card-not-present transactions, point-to-point encryption, and mobile and contactless payments. Thank you for your interest, and please email us with any suggestions for future content.

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